Closed pressing-system with tight door / TPGN ZS:

At the closed pressing-system with tight manual door the winepress provides all the advantages of a tank-press. Additionally the possibility to herterodyne the mash with gas to establish an anoxyic zone and to avoid oxidation.

Zentral juice drain connection ZS for TPGN presses:

Allows pressing in oxygen-free environment. The must does not get in touch with Oxygen through usage of an automated juice drain and a closed juice tub, under application of inert gas.

    • self-explanatory pressing program – operation via touch panel
    • different preprogrammed fixed programs
      manual control or free progammable pressing programs, pectin-program,
      whole grapes-pogram, flavour-programm, red-wine-program, primary-program „Grand Reserve“
    • optional interface for external acess-uni e.g..: PC oder laptop
    • Display of maintenance intervals and error messages
    • Suggestions for troubleshooting on the display
  • Manually actuated sliding door with inflatable seal — including
    4 L compressed-air tank with coupling socket
  • Open frame construction made of shaped-tube frame
  • Gentle start with frequency converter
  • Pomace-discharge strip
  • 670 mm x 500 mm basket opening — one longitudinally slideable rectangular door on the basket
  • external air-supply
  • Clean-Manaell-Unit for easy quick-cleaning
  • Pressing in a sealed atmoshere (CO2)
  • disc valve for controlled juice drainage
  • Cooling jacket for the press basket
  • Level control for juice tray
  • external control
  • PC-interface
    • Gravity funnelsFülltrichter
    • Individual chutes
    • Sliding tubs
    • Custom-made overall plants


  • Design completely in stainless steel
  • hermetically sealed pressing programm
  • Permanently mounted compressor and pre-pressure blower (also possible externally)
  • Large geared motor (low-noise operation)
  • Tight pneumatic door
  • Frequenc controlles start-up
  • Pressing membrane of polyurethane (suitable for foodstuff)
  • Membrane exactly fitted, no creasing
  • 3 filling programs (careful filling, fresh must, whole grapes)
  • Preprogrammed filling position – loading from above
  • Preprogrammed emptying position
  • Free programmable cleaning position
  • Easy cleaning
  • Smooth pomace discharge
  • Simple and quick cleaning because of fully welded parts


Z:CAD-DatenPNPN30TPG 3000Rahmen TPG 3000 Standart.dwg

All details and technical datas you find here:

Brochure TPGN ZS