Speidel Containers – Premium Quality for Your Storage Needs!

For decades, Speidel Containers has been synonymous with outstanding quality and functionality in the field of container solutions.

1. Fermentation Containers: Specifically designed for the fermentation of beer, wine, cider, and other beverages, these containers provide optimal conditions for controlled fermentation, enabling the production of the highest quality products.
2. Storage Tanks: Ideal for long-term storage of beverages such as wine, beer, juice, and spirits, these tanks are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring perfect preservation and maturation.
3. Transport and Storage Containers: Excellent for the transportation and storage of liquids and solid materials, these containers are stackable, easy to clean, and provide a reliable solution for secure transportation.
4. Special Containers: Customized special containers that meet your individual requirements, boasting exceptional quality and durability.

With Speidel Containers, you receive reliable products that meet the highest standards.

Choose quality made in Germany.

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