Machines of series G7.240 to G8.260Elite are perfectly convenient for multifunction. Adjusted with adaptation-kit and multifunction beam they are useable for plant protection and other work in wine growing. With this points acquisition is much more profitable.

Leaf remover


  • Leaf-remvoving negative pressure system generated by low-pressure, high speed (290 km/h) air flow
  • Constant output
  • Limits maintainance
  • Optimale design
  • Guiding and automatice slaving of each haed on the row to ensure constant leaf stripping
  • Leafs are removed in whole
  • Careful processing in the vineyard
  • Garpes and remaining leafs stay intact
  • Grape zone is relatively free suspended
  • optimale aeration of the grapes
  • insolation is used to full capacity for maturation
  • individual leaf removing techniqu (one- / bothsided, intensity, right/left variable)
    clean work

Pre pruner

Basic equipment

  • Single telescopic Chassis
  • Configuration of the machine acc. to your needs and desired pruning heights
  • Stackable cutting modules offering a wide range for cutting heights
  • 3 double-sections, which can be dismounted per cage in less than 5 minutes
  • Rapid and effecitve maintainance
  • Opening and pruning hyraulic motors separate to alow independent adjustment
  • Alu-casting discs for better restistance and lightness without the risk of corrosion
  • Few movable parts – low costs of maintainance
  • Disc rotation speed adjustable from 0 – 200 rpm


  • Pruning head with opening controlled manually at the vine pots
  • Inversion of the rotating direction of the cages
  • Removable support rest on chaster wheels
  • Check of the rotating speed
  • Cutting disc overlapp every 6 cm – allowing fine shredding
  • Machine open – 305 mm between the cutting discs
  • Saftety tap to depressureize the hydraulic circuit for maintainance