Smart winepress TPG / TPGN

Unlock the flavor: wine pressed the SMART way

The new smart wine press revolutionizes grape processing fundamentally and is the perfect combination of the familiar Wottle quality and state-of-the-art technology.

The smart wine press impresses with an intuitive control via a 10″ multi-touch TFT display, is fully internet-enabled (cloud connectivity and remote maintenance), and can send status notifications directly to your phone. A specially developed program enables precise filling and accurate positioning of the basket. Combined with advanced sensors such as moisture, temperature, and pH measurement, continuous real-time monitoring of the pressing process is effortlessly achieved. This allows for regulating and readjusting the pressing parameters at any time.

A quick cleaning system using a compressed air-water mixture facilitates cleaning and is particularly resource-saving and time-efficient.

The wine press is designed with integrated mounting brackets and also scores with consistent ground clearance throughout. The casing is easy to open, detachable, and allows for faster service work. The machine is therefore also suitable for smaller spaces.

Smart control

Internet Connectivity

– Cloud connectivity / Remote maintenance

– Import / Export of pressing programs

– Notification on mobile phone: Error messages, pressing duration / status


– 10″ Multi-Touch TFT display, IP68 protection class

– Easy and modern user interface

Additional Features

– Multiple motor speeds

– Precise filling program

– Accurate positioning of the basket

– Anti-oxidation program

– Quick cleaning system with compressed air-water mixture

– Sensors: Moisture, temperature, pH value


– Clean processing
– Fewer visible weld seams
– Consistent ground clearance throughout
– Integrated mounting brackets

– smart control
– standard control

– Easy to open
– Detachable in tight spaces
– Allows for faster service work

– Moveable
– Easier cleaning of the press
– Splash guard & pomace discharge

Download area

You can download our smart winepress folder here