Standard Technical Features:
– Reinforced frame
– 2 grape containers, each with a capacity of 2000 liters
– 2 cross conveyors
– Steered drawbar with eyelet Ø=35m
– Multifunctional joystick
– Automatic steering during harvest operation
– Camera for monitoring tank filling
– Manual lateral and longitudinal leveling of the machine using the multifunctional joystick
– Automatic alignment of the machine
– Wheel drive with drawbar control
– Hydraulic brakes
– Wheels 400/70 R20
– Shed conveyor length 2.5m
– Sensors for display in the cabin: Frequency and distance of the shaking mechanism, RPM of the right and left conveyors
– Width 2.95m
– Distance controller for the shakers from the driver’s seat
– Transmission of harvested material through conveyors, forward and backward movement + acoustic alarm, variable belt speed controlled from the tractor
– Auger for distributing the harvested material into stainless steel tanks
– Cleaning of the harvested material by 2 fans with a vertical axis
– Automatic adjustment of the minimum height above the ground
– Centralized lubrication system
– Discharge height of the tanks up to 3 meters above the ground
– Rotating beacon light
– Rearview camera for monitoring the unloading process
– Reverse working light