De-stemmer  A3-400K

The basic principle – first grape stripping then crushing:

  • Grape destemming & crushing
  • Stripping only
  • Crushing only


  • Capacity: up to 15.000 kg/h
  • 380 V
  • Easy integration into existing facilities
  • Customized solutions for individual requirements


  • Stainless steel design
  • Frame parts bent to the outside
  • Continuous transport through slow-rotating feed screw
  • Complete and careful grape destemming
  • Grape destemming basket entirely made of plastic
  • Careful processing without sharp edges
  • Clean working
  • Controllable speed of grape destemming shaft and basket
  • Easy cleaning through quick removal of grape destemming shaft, grape destemming basket, and crusher
  • Program control for different processing techniques
  • Individually controllable speeds of grape destemming shaft and basket
  • Synchronized and reverse action of grape destemming shaft and basket possible
  • Use in complete plants
  • Horizontal loading – low height
  • Simple incorporation into existing plants
  • Grape destemming facility can be separated from the crushing facility
  • Individual planning solutions




You can find all the details and technical data here:

Brochure de-stemmer