De-stemmer  A1-280M

The basic principle – first grape stripping then crushing:

  • Grape stripping & crushing
  • Only stripping
  • Only crushing


  • Capacity: bis 5 t/h
  • 380 V
  • Dimensions: L/H/W: 1700/850/1200 mm


  • Stainless steel design
  • different processing techniques – Grape stripping + crushing, only stripping, only crushing
  • different sub-structure variantes with/without collecting tray
  • Grape stripping basket entirely made of plastic
  • Basket exchangeable depending on type of grapes
  • dismounting/mounting of basket and stripping-shaft Korb und Abbeerwelle easily
  • stripping-beaters with adjustable plastic coating
  • adjustable speed



All details and technical datas you find here:

Brochure De-stemmer