De-stemmer A4-560K

The basic principle – first grape stripping then crushing:

  • Grape stripping & crushing
  • Only stripping
  • Only crushing


  • Capacity: up to 25 t/h
  • 380 V
  • Easy integration into existing facilities
  • Customized solutions for individual requirements


  • Designed with a stainless steel construction
  • Frame parts are bent outward for improved functionality
  • Continuous transport facilitated by a slow-rotating feed screw
  • Ensures complete and careful stripping of grapes
  • Grape stripping basket is entirely made of plastic
  • Processing is done carefully without sharp edges
  • Operates in a clean working environment
  • Speed of the grape stripping shaft and basket can be controlled
  • Easy cleaning through the rapid removal of the grape stripping shaft, basket, and crusher
  • Program control enables different processing techniques
  • Individually controllable speeds for the grape stripping shaft and basket
  • Synchronized and reverse action of the grape stripping shaft and basket is possible
  • Suitable for use in complete plants
  • Horizontal loading with a low height requirement
  • Simple incorporation into existing plant systems
  • The grape stripping facility can be separated from the crushing facility
  • Individualized planning solutions are available




You can find all the details and technical data here:

Brochure De-stemmer