The company ARTIG METALL presents itself:

ARTIG METALL represents modern, sustainable metal panels, garden design, and home accessories. The company’s roots go back 22 years when LASER & more produced the first laser-cut design panels. The idea for the ARTIG METALL brand emerged in 2016.

At ARTIG METALL, our aim is to develop and manufacture high-quality design solutions for customers who value individuality and quality for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our design language is as versatile as our customers’ tastes, ranging from minimalistic and clear to geometric or playful, often inspired by nature. Functionality is always at the forefront of our designs.

In our production process, we combine modern industrial manufacturing techniques with artisan craftsmanship to ensure precise quality and meet individual customer requirements. The ARTIG METALL products are manufactured in a 2,500 m2 production hall in Wels (Upper Austria), with a strong emphasis on regional production and a focus on ecological, economic, and social aspects.

With their elegant and versatile aluminum design, the “Artig Metall” railings can be used for both privacy screens and room dividers, among other purposes.

You are welcome to visit us at any time to view the railings in person, and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Perfect and high-quality realization of architectural custom solutions – Elegant and sophisticated, tailored to your desires.