Data sheet

  • Vine width from 1.50m
  • Height of 1.95m underneath the chassis
  • Deutz engine (Phase IIIB)
  • 4 x 3.62l cylinders
  • Delivers 123 hp at 2000 rpm
  • 210l tank
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Anti-slipping TWINlock valves
  • AUTOspeed speed governor
  • AUTOdrive
  • Hydraulic reservoir capacity of 125l
  • Filtration on intake and return
  • Tilt correction of 600mm / 25%
  • AUTOlevel
  • 320x70R20 front tyres
  • 400x70R24 rear tyres
  • Torque splitter
  • VISIOcenter driver cab
  • Air conditioned cab
  • Air sprung seat
  • TOUCHpad colour terminal
  • MULTIDrive joystick
  • Lateral console
  • Job memory (hectares, hours, etc.)
  • Settings memory
  • Cameras
  • SOFTfloat pendular suspension
  • 14 shakers on a rod and aluminium shell, height-adjustable
  • Toe-in setting
  • 2×17 sealing scales
  • Sealed length of 2100mm
  • Minimum harvesting height – 15cm
  • Conveyor width 320mm
  • Distance between conveyors of 650mm
  • Conveyors speed adjustable with inversion
  • Audible safety system on conveyors
  • Centralised greasing system
  • 2 lower fans
  • 2 vertical fans
  • 2 upper fans available as an option
  • Cleantech available as an option
  • Vario available as an option
  • Viniselect available as an option
  • 2 x 1100l bins
  • 2 x 1400l bins available as an option
  • Emptying from the rear
  • Emptying height of 3000mm
  • Removable harvesting assembly
  • Front tool carrier available as an option

Physical characteristics

The G7.200 is a versatile carrier equipped with a DEUTZ 4-cylinder engine developing 123hp and meeting the latest pollution control standards (Phase IIIB / Tier 4i). Regardless of the working conditions, fully automated power and transmission (anti-slipping, right-left flow) ensure excellent manoeuvring capabilities and great handling. Whatever the work to be performed – harvesting, spraying or vine maintenance – the G7.200 is sure to meet your needs.

The VISIOcenter driver cab offers every feature in terms of comfort (air conditioning, air sprung seat, etc.). Alignment with the row is optimised and 360° vision gives you total control over the surrounding environment. Easy and intuitive to operate, thanks to the TOUCHpad touch screen and exclusive MULTIDrive multifunction joystick. You can check all of the machine parameters at a glance, allowing you to concentrate on the harvest.

The G7.200 is equipped with the ARC harvester head. Pendular movement and VARIwidth hydraulic toe-in adjustment ensure careful handling of the vine and unrivalled harvesting quality. The train of pneumatic sealing scales ensures a complete seal and optimal handling of the vines. The G7.200 is equipped with two lower fans which enable excellent quality of harvest. Upper fans and the on-board Cleantech and Cleantech Vario sorting systems help to perfect cleaning. Two large bins with a capacity of 14HL provide you with huge autonomy.

The G7.200 requires a minimum of maintenance. Daily cleaning can be performed quickly thanks to the large space provided in the harvester head. A large, secure platform allows daily maintenance of the machine to be carried out with ease. Preparing your machine for winter storage at the end of the season is very simple and inexpensive. The G7.200 is part of a range of equipment produced by GREGOIRE.

The G7.200 is a versatile carrier that will be of use throughout the growth cycle of your vines. It can house tools on the front lifting tool holder, and in a rear spraying cell. The G7.200 is the benchmark compact, easy-to-handle carrier, which adapts to all types of vineyard, from 1.50m between rows.


AUTOdrive automatically adapts the engine speed to the ground speed when driving. This integrated management of the engine speed gives the transmission unrivalled flexibility and significantly reduces both consumption and the noise level. The joystick can also be used as a forward drive control.

AUTOspeed is used to perfectly regulate the working speed, regardless of the terrain. It is simple to activate via an easily accessible button on the joystick, allowing you to return quickly to the programmed speed.

The MULTIdrive joystick (GREGOIRE patented) groups together all of your machine’s functions (forward drive, tilt, tools, etc.). The driver can control the harvesting machine with just one hand, and focus on the harvest.

SOFTfloat is a device with pendular suspension on both the harvester head and the feeder channel chassis. It follows the row and the trellis perfectly, ensuring careful handling of the vine for a perfect harvest. Further confirmation that the GREGOIRE harvester head is the most flexible on the market.

With TOOLintegration, GREGOIRE versatile carriers are pre-equipped as standard to be versatile, allowing a GREGOIRE spraying unit or tool to be easily installed. ISOBUS technology allows this equipment to be controlled directly using the existing controls in the cab.

VARIwidth enables the toe-in to be adjusted from the cab. You can adjust the distance between the shakers quickly and easily, ensuring careful handling of the vine and a quality harvest. This adjustment is hydraulic, achieved by tilting the eccentric block, and is simple, reliable and maintenance-free.

VISIOcenter is the most spacious cab on the market. Its central position gives you exceptional 360° vision, perfect alignment on the row and total control of the machine. Its comfort-boosting equipment help keep you safe during long hours of work.

The ARC system harvesting principle ensures high quality harvesting and as yet unrivalled handling of the vine. Its exclusive characteristics give you access to an unlimited range of settings, which translates into quick and easy adaptation to any type of vineyard.

The ECOdrive system, easy to activate from the joystick during manoeuvres, allows a drastic reduction in consumption. Its end of row sequencing, which can be fully configured, reduces the engine speed and helps increase the service life of your machine by conserving use of its components.

AUTOlevel can be accessed from your joystick. Once activated, your machine then automatically adapts to differences in height and difficulties with the terrain. This provides you with greater safety, meaning you can focus your attention on the quality of your harvest.

TOUCHpad is a compact colour touch screen, grouping together all of the information required to operate your machine. The three navigation options ensures it is quick and easy to operate, and can be used to store and extract data and view one of the colour cameras.

FLEXspeed automatically manages the shaking frequency when a stake is taken into the harvesting tunnel. Shakers, mechanical components and stakes are all protected. And the service life of your machine is increased.

TEP, the train of pneumatic sealing scales (GREGOIRE patented), perfectly adapts the recall force of the sealing scales to the different types of vine. By adjusting the air pressure in a membrane located underneath the scales, vines can be handled as delicately as possible whilst limiting losses on the ground.

Cleantech is an on-board sorting device combining slow rotation, flexible fingers and plastic mesh to promote optimum separation of the fruit. Identical direction of rotation for the rotor and chain ensures careful handling of the fruit for a perfect harvest.

VARIO is a sorting table which comprises a succession of rollers. It is used to eliminate all the waste remaining in the harvest (petioles, dried fruit, etc). Thanks to its roller speed and distance settings, you can adapt your device to all yields and all fruit.

VINIselect is a sorting table which is used to eliminate all the waste remaining in the harvest (petioles, dried fruit, etc.). Combining vibration and rotation, VINIselect adapts to all types of vines, ensuring a perfect harvest, a byword for quality.


All details and technical information you find here:

brochure G7.200