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Data sheet

  • Vine width from 1.50m
  • Height of 1.95m underneath the chassis
  • 3-point linkage
  • Tilt correction of 700mm / 25%
  • 70l hydraulic unit integrated at 3 points
  • Filtration on return and intake
  • 2-wheel drive
  • 360/70R20 tyres
  • Touch screen colour control display
  • MULTIDrive control joystick
  • Compact control console
  • 14 adjustable shakers
  • Hydraulic toe-in setting
  • 2×17 sealing scales
  • Sealed length of 2200mm
  • Harvests less than 15cm away
  • Conveyor width 320mm
  • Distance between conveyors of 650mm
  • Feeder channel speed adjustable with inversion
  • Audible safety system on the conveyors
  • Centralised greasing points
  • 2 lower aspirators
  • 2 vertical extractors
  • 2 upper aspirators available as an option
  • Cleantech and Vario available as an option
  • 2 x 1200l bins
  • 2 x 1600l bins
  • 1 x 1600l bin and 1 arm available as an option
  • Emptying from the rear
  • Emptying height of 3000mm

Physical characteristics

What sets the G3.220 apart is its efficiency under the most difficult conditions thanks to the high power wheel motors combined with the OVERboost transmission booster, which temporarily increases the drive torque. The hydraulic assistance circuit is supplied by a Load Sensing pump (automatic flow management) and guarantees the wheel motors receive constant pressure.

The G3 .220 is equipped with a compact, ergonomic control unit which integrates perfectly into your driver position. The TOUCHpad colour touch screen allows you to read all of the information at a glance and set the various parameters with great ease. The multifunction joystick groups together all of the controls needed to operate the machine. Automated systems, such as an end of row sequence or semi-automatic tilt management, ensure it is quick and easy to get to grips with.

The G3.220, thanks to its ARC harvester head with two shaker supports, allows you to harvest at high work rates. The hydraulic adjustment of the toe-in from the driver position ensures unrivalled harvest quality. 2200mm of sealing provided by the train of pneumatic sealing scales and two extra wide conveyor belts (320mm) ensure the vine is handled carefully, with no loss through dropping or crushing. The G3.220 is equipped with two lower aspirators. Upper aspirators and the on-board Cleantech and Cleantech Vario sorting systems simplify cleaning.

The G3.220 requires a minimum of maintenance. Daily cleaning can be performed quickly thanks to the large space provided in the harvester head. A large, secure platform allows daily maintenance of the machine to be carried out with ease. Preparing your equipment for winter storage at the end of the season is very simple and inexpensive. The G3.220 is part of a range of equipment produced by GREGOIRE.

Its hydraulic management is combined with an articulated drawbar on the 3-point linkage enabling it to be used with all types of tractor, even at low power, offering unrivalled handling. With variation in elevation of 700mm, Load Sensing transmission and automatic alignment on the row, you can easily adapt to even the most demanding terrains.


The MULTIdrive joystick (GREGOIRE patented) groups together all of your machine’s functions (forward drive, tilt, tools, etc.). The driver can control the harvesting machine with just one hand, and focus on the harvest.

VARIwidth enables the toe-in to be adjusted from the cab. You can adjust the distance between the shakers quickly and easily, ensuring careful handling of the vine and a quality harvest. This adjustment is hydraulic, achieved by tilting the eccentric block, and is simple, reliable and maintenance-free.

The ARC system harvesting principle ensures high quality harvesting and as yet unrivalled handling of the vine. Its exclusive characteristics give you access to an unlimited range of settings, which translates into quick and easy adaptation to any type of vineyard.

AUTOlevel can be accessed from your joystick. Once activated, your machine then automatically adapts to differences in height and difficulties with the terrain. This provides you with greater safety, meaning you can focus your attention on the quality of your harvest.

TOUCHpad is a compact colour touch screen, grouping together all of the information required to operate your machine. The three navigation options ensures it is quick and easy to operate, and can be used to store and extract data and view one of the colour cameras.

OVERboost, activated from the joystick, ensures your equipment benefits from unrivalled manoeuvring capabilities. Available in both drive directions, it temporarily increases the power available in the transmission circuit to guarantee easy movement even under extreme conditions.

FLEXspeed automatically manages the shaking frequency when a stake is taken into the harvesting tunnel. Shakers, mechanical components and stakes are all protected. And the service life of your machine is increased.

TEP, the train of pneumatic sealing scales (GREGOIRE patented), perfectly adapts the recall force of the sealing scales to the different types of vine. By adjusting the air pressure in a membrane located underneath the scales, vines can be handled as delicately as possible whilst limiting losses on the ground.

Das  Sortiersystem GREGOIRE Easyclean ist einfach gebaut. Die Beeren werden auf ein Gitterband gebracht. Einzelne Beeren fallen durch das Gitter, unabgebeerte Trauben und Verunreinigungen werden vom Sortierkopf verarbeitet.


Ein revolutionäres Sortiersystem

  • Lineares Abbeeren und Sortieren in einem Arbeitsgang
  • Einfaches Prinzip erfordert nur einen Arbeitsbereich.
  • Arbeitsweise:

o Gitterbänder aus lebensmittelechtem Kunststoff decken die ganzen Behälter ab = maximale Sortierzone.

o Sortierkopf mit vibrierenden und schwingenden Fingern ohne Kontakt mit dem    Gitterband.

Abstand der Finger zum Gitterband variabel

  • Sortierung der Ernte durch die Trägheit: keine Belastung der Ernte, optimale Qualität.

Einfache Bedienung

  1. Das Kunststoffgitter wird in Rotation gebracht.
  2. Eine leichte Vibration des Gitters bewirkt, dass die Beeren noch schneller durchfallen.
  3. Das Gitter wird über ein Querförderband beschickt.
  4. Die geernteten Beeren werden auf das Gitter gebracht, über die komplette Breite verteilt und zur Sortiereinheit weiterbefördert.
  5. Durch die schwingenden Finger, werden ganze Trauben abgebeert, Blattstiele und sonstige Verunreinigungen werden ausgeworfen, und Einzelbeeren fallen in die Behälter.
  6. Ausschuss (ganze Stängel, Blattstiele, ganze Blätter) werden aus dem Sortiersystem abgeschieden.

Die regelmäßige/kontinuierliche Zuführung

  • Beschickung über Querförderband.
  • Mögliche Einstellung der Geschwindigkeit des Querförderbands für eine gleichmäßige Verteilung des Ernteguts auf dem Easyclean-Gitter.
  • Perfekt auf alle Erntemengen angepasst.

Einfache und intuitive Bedienung

  • 2 mögliche Einstellungen: Geschwindigkeit des Gitters und Frequenz des Kopfes (von der Traktorkabine aus).
  • Hochqualitative Arbeit unter allen Bedingungen.
  • Einstellungen und klare Übersicht über die Bedieneiheit mit der die GREGOIRE Maschine ausgerüstet ist.

Einfache und schnelle Senkung • Easyclean ist voll versenkbar.• Hydraulikzylinder heben das gesamte Sortiersystem.• Die Ernte wird somit direkt in die Behälter befördert (die Maschine arbeitet dann mit zwei Gebläsen).• Easyclean ist vollständig wegklappbar, wodurch unnötige Abnutzung sowie eine Reinigung am Ende des Tage vermieden wird.


All details and technical datas you find here:

Brochuer G3.220